Writing Your Book

If you need help writing, editing, and formatting your book, we can help! Simply contact us with some details about what you are needing. We will be in touch, and we can help you get your book ready to publish.

Publishing Your Book

There is a lot that goes into publishing your book. We believe that publishing-on-demand makes our lives much easier, and it can be done with minimal investment in inventory. Let us manage that for you!

How About an E-Book?

In this digital age, you can publish your e-book and sell it on Amazon and the other online retail bookstores. We can help you get your book formatted and into ePub format, ready to sell on Amazon, etc.

Web-Marketing Your Books

One of the digital wonders is the online marketing tool, your website. We can build your website, optimize it to reach your audience, and manage your web-marketing plan. Let us know what you need!

What is AuthorTrack?

Years ago, if you were an aspiring author, you were destined to play the rejection game with all of the major and minor publishers. You had a great book, but you

stood little to no chance that the world would ever see what you had written. Even some of the greatest authors of our day were rejected over and over again!

Now, if you have a book, you can reach the world with it. Your one or two copies on the shelf at the local bookstore no longer have to compete with 1000s of other books to have someone buy and take them home. Now, thanks to search engines, someone is always looking for the knowledge and expertise that you possess. Why not begin to reach them on their terms, and on yours?

AuthorTrack is a down-to-earth approach to publish and market your books to the people on the Internet that are looking for you right now! This IS the 21st Century way to publish!

AuthorTrack Is Your Coach!

Simply said, you may need someone to guide you through the self-publishing process. Thanks to the need to learn all of the facets of publishing, you now have a coach who has walked the entire journey, and can guide you through the process until you are ready to take it on by yourself. Your coach has spent 40 years in the publishing and Internet marketing world, and can share this expertise with you! Stay tuned for opportunities to learn all of the aspects of 21st Century publishing!

The AuthorTrack

AuthorTrackTake a few minutes and see what we mean by the “AuthorTrack.” We can help guide you through the process. Stay tuned for our membership sites, including videos, teaching materials, and our elite coaching programs.

With the dawn of the Internet and social media, not only can you reach your audience with your book, you can also find out where the best audience is for your works. Before you begin writing, poll your audience to see what they are ready to read and to buy!

With the likes of Google and all online encyclopedias, you now can do your research from the comfort of your home. Compile your findings and write your book, remembering your audience as you address them with appropriate tone and perspective. Read your manuscript constantly so that your voice is consistent from start to finish!

Revision is the fire that refines your written gold! Revise, revise, and then revise!

If you can’t edit, then find someone who can. Don’t just proofread! Make sure your book flows logically and comfortably from beginning to end. Don’t release your book to the public until you are proud of it, and editing polishes your work into a fine diamond.

The next step, once your book is finished is to design a stunning cover and to cleanly format the interior of your book. Your cover should not be average; it should be breathtaking! Yes, people do judge a book by the cover! In fact, they should be drawn in to the book by the clever and creative artwork and title of your masterpiece.

If you can’t format your book to publishing standards, pay someone to do it for you! We can help you with that if need be. Don’t let your greatest work be degraded by less than professional formatting.

One of the miracles of the 21st Century is the appearance of publishing-on-demand. You can upload your finished book digitally to your POD company, order proofs, and then order as many or as few books as you need today. Then order some more when the need arises. Don’t waste your money on keeping inventory!

We can help you find the best publishing-on-demand places who will make your job easier and more enjoyable!

You can’t do business on the Internet without having a presence there!

You may not need an elaborate website, but you can have one that helps the world know about your book and you as well! This is your platform to reach the world. Make sure it’s a great one! We can help you with your website if you need it!

Another great 21st Century phenomenon is the world of social media.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat, you can reach your particular audience by finding them and nurturing them via social media. In fact, you can selectively advertise to them thanks to the genius of the creators of these media!

You may not have a reason to engage in speaking to the masses . . . yet. What if your book series creates an audience that demands more from you? Well, if you are a successful author, you need to get ready to speak to your audience as well as write for them. And, you can actually grow your audience by speaking, and then sell your books to them when they come to see you.

Either way, consider strongly that your writing career will eventually lead to a speaking career as well.